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Contributor Conversations


Contributor Conversation: Jesica Davis

Author of “Lake House as Hourglass,” "Seeds," and "Gun Control" in ISSUE 02. Please click here to enjoy her thoughts on cycles, spreadsheets, and reassembling the shards. 

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Contributor Conversation: Ian Hill

Author of “Dogwood," "We Have to Talk," and "Slow Interior" from ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on literary echoes, blurring boundaries, and loosening the grip on things you no longer hold. 


Contributor Conversation: Ron L Estrada

Author of “House, Undone” from ISSUE 02, and his thoughts on breath patterns in sentences, body-listening, and rejections as carpet crumbs. Click here to read about his ideas and musings. 

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Contributor Conversation: Kaia Preus

Author of “Frankenstein's Mother” from ISSUE 02, and her thoughts on writing superpowers, musicality, and the magic of art-making. Click here to read all about her insights and intuitions. 


Contributor Conversation: Christopher Randall

Author of “Salt with Savory Debris like Lavender Leaves,” “I Wanna

Know What is Next and Want it to be Good,” and “Tandem Talks”

from ISSUE 01 and "Pinecones as in a Kid Collects a Bunch of Pinecones" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on poetic form, writing routines, and experiments in taking in catastrophe

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Contributor Conversation:
Piper J. Daniels

Author of “Animal House” from ISSUE 01, and her thoughts on literary collage, up-and-coming writers, and toppling the gatekeepers. Click here to read what she has to say.  


Contributor Conversation:
Emma Arlington M. /
E.A. Midnight

Author of “Point-and-Shoot” from ISSUE 01, and her thoughts on identity, dismemberment, and her perspectives on what it means to be a writer. Click here to learn more about our past contributor and Assistant Editor. 


Contributor Conversation:
Angela Buck

Angela Buck, author of “The Balloon-Men” from ISSUE 01, with her thoughts on domination, novellas, and meaningful productivity. Click here to read about her experiences and perspectives.