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A Full List of All 
Contributor Conversations


Contributor Conversation:  Margaret Saigh

Author of "LET'S M AKE A BABY," "PSALM KEY," and "COMMUTE" in ISSUE 03 Click here to read her thoughts on drawing inspiration from her heart and environment, the line, and writing every day.

Author Photo - Ashely.JPG

Contributor Conversation:  Ashley Howell Bunn

Author of "how to drive home in the snow" and "Ojo Caliente" in ISSUE 03 Click here to read her thoughts on somatic experiences, the importance of community, and letting go of expectations.


Contributor Conversation:  Laurel S. Peterson

Author of "DROUGHT," "GRATITUDE," and "MACY" in ISSUE 03 Click here to read her thoughts on drawing inspiration from walks, using photography to step outside the self, and learning to wait.

Yoda Olinyk.png

Contributor Conversation:  Yoda Olinyk

Author of "Homemade Pepper Spray" in ISSUE 03. Chick here to read her thoughts on healing the mother wound, visualizations, and using rejection as a way to reflect. 

Headshot- Eric DePriester_edited.jpg

Contributor Conversation:  Eric DePriester

Author of "Postcard from Boonville" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read his thoughts on using poetry as an emotional release, rejecting power sources, and finding new wells of creative inspiration. 


Contributor Conversation:  George W. Shuster, Jr.

Author of "Rib Cage" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read his thoughts on environmental connectivity, binge writing, and gaps that enact holes in memory. 

Author Photo 2022 Dana Kinsey_edited.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Dana Kinsey

Author of "Self-Portrait as a Tourniquet" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read her thoughts on leaning into rhythm and rhyme, writing outdoors, and capturing fleeting moments. 

Lysbeth Em Benkert.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Lysbeth Em Benkert

Author of "Reminder" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read her thoughts on the power of prompts, second chances, and working with a writing partner. 

Carolina Fullerton.heic

Contributor Conversation: Carolina Fullerton

The Cover Artist for ISSUE 03. Click here to read her thoughts about art that moves her, manipulating mediums, and letting the paint create its own piece.


Contributor Conversation: S.C. Ferguson

Author of "Some News" in ISSUE 02 and Click here to read his thoughts about rhythm in writing, sentence composition, and finding joy in foregoing comparison. 

portra400_ (24).jpg

Contributor Conversation: Brittany Ackerman

Author of "Crack an Egg On Your Head" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read about her thoughts about the scaffolding of a book, the superpower of memory, and putting good energy into your work.


Contributor Conversation: Hillary Leftwich

Author of "Ghost Ship" and "Letter" in ISSUE 03. Click here to read her thoughts about the lyric essay form, writers she's reading, and the game of submissions.


Contributor Conversation: Chase Preston-White

Author of "Trinity" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts about Joni Mitchell, his writing space, and not being a victim. 


Contributor Conversation: Scott Thomas Meistrich

Author of "Me and Mine" and "Costumes" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts about evoking awe, world-building, and exploring the surreal. 


Contributor Conversation: Aimee Nicole

Author of "Questions" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read her thoughts on pondering queerness, maintaining self-care routines, and her varied reading interests.


Contributor Conversation: G.D. Brown

Author of "Naked" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on demystifying our processes, the shared point of writing, and his catalogue of inspiration stickers.


Contributor Conversation: Lisa Molina

Author of "On the Topography of Maps" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read her thoughts on the experience of rejection as audition, finding metaphors in doodles, and some of her favorite opening paragraphs. 


Contributor Conversation: Heather Bartel

The Founder and Editor of The Champagne Room shares her thoughts on disappearing women, textures and landscapes in her writing, and what is means to be the editor of a literary journal. Click here to read her interview. 

Kelly R Samuels Author Photo.jpeg

Contributor Conversation: Kelly R. Samuels

Author of “Plummet” and “Glacial Surging” in ISSUE 02 shares her thoughts on news as inspiration, writing spaces, and the importance of word choice. Click here to enjoy her musings. 

Janet Ehrlich Colson Author Photo.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Janet Ehrlich Colson

Author of "Snails" in ISSUE 02. Please click here to read about her thoughts on finding/resisting structure, shifting obsessions, and writing in a post-pandemic world.


Contributor Conversation: Jesica Davis

Author of “Lake House as Hourglass,” "Seeds," and "Gun Control" in ISSUE 02. Please click here to enjoy her thoughts on cycles, spreadsheets, and reassembling the shards. 

Ian Hill_edited_edited.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Ian Hill

Author of “Dogwood," "We Have to Talk," and "Slow Interior" from ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on literary echoes, blurring boundaries, and loosening the grip on things you no longer hold. 


Contributor Conversation: Ron L Estrada

Author of “House, Undone” from ISSUE 02, and his thoughts on breath patterns in sentences, body-listening, and rejections as carpet crumbs. Click here to read about his ideas and musings. 

Kaia Preus Author Photo_edited.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Kaia Preus

Author of “Frankenstein's Mother” from ISSUE 02, and her thoughts on writing superpowers, musicality, and the magic of art-making. Click here to read all about her insights and intuitions. 


Contributor Conversation: Christopher Randall

Author of “Salt with Savory Debris like Lavender Leaves,” “I Wanna

Know What is Next and Want it to be Good,” and “Tandem Talks”

from ISSUE 01 and "Pinecones as in a Kid Collects a Bunch of Pinecones" in ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on poetic form, writing routines, and experiments in taking in catastrophe

Ladies Lazarus.jpg

Contributor Conversation:
Piper J. Daniels

Author of “Animal House” from ISSUE 01, and her thoughts on literary collage, up-and-coming writers, and toppling the gatekeepers. Click here to read what she has to say.  


Contributor Conversation:
Emma Arlington M. /
E.A. Midnight

Author of “Point-and-Shoot” from ISSUE 01, and her thoughts on identity, dismemberment, and her perspectives on what it means to be a writer. Click here to learn more about our past contributor and Editor. 


Contributor Conversation:
Angela Buck

Angela Buck, author of “The Balloon-Men” from ISSUE 01, with her thoughts on domination, novellas, and meaningful productivity. Click here to read about her experiences and perspectives. 

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