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In the making of this issue, we wanted to create a container for the unexpected. We wanted these pages to be a comfort for those desiring both seclusion and safety—a room with a door, a bed to crawl into, a circle of chairs or of bodies gathered in communion, saying you belong. Each piece collected within this issue reaches toward that desire: from a container as small and fragile as a snail’s shell to one as luminous and unnerving as the universe, we are reminded again and again of the shifting landscape of home, the possibilities of a room—what can happen within it and what it can hold. 


Contributors: Kaia Preus, J.S. Boutell, Kelly R. Samuels, G.D. Brown, Scott Thomas Meistrich, Janet Ehrlich Colson, Christopher Randall, Aaron W. Kiser, Chase White, Aimee Nicole, Lisa Molina, Alayna Nieters, BEE LB, Sam Ferguson, Violet Mitchell, Ron L Estrada, Ian Hill, and Jesica Davis.


Editors: Heather Bartel & E.A. Midnight


Cover Art: Tess Montgomery

The Champagne Room Issue 02

  • Page Count: 78

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: >1lbs, shipping weight may vary.

Issue Description
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