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The works in this issue are communicating with ghosts, past selves, ex-loves and old wounds, intangible possibilities; there are messages left on a disconnected machine in the form of postcards, fortune cookies, film negatives, recipes, prayers. There is joy within these pages and there is ache; there is wandering and returning and wanting to grow.


Contributors: Brittany Ackerman, Cynthia Atkins, Rachel R. Baum, Lysbeth Em Benkert, Corbett Buchly, Ashley Howell Bunn, Mia Day, Eric DePriester, Aleina Grace Edwards, Brian S. Ellis, Dana Kinsey, Hillary Leftwich, Cameron Lovejoy, Jill Mceldowney, Anna Oberg, Kristine Otero, Yoda Olinyk, Lauren Paredes, Laurel S Peterson, Douglas Piccinnini, Kenneth Pobo, Adrie Rose, Margaret Saigh, George W. Shuster, Jr., Marianne Sundquist.


Editors: Heather Bartel & E.A. Midnight


Cover Art: Carolina Fullerton

The Champagne Room Issue 03

  • Page Count: 95

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: >1lbs, shipping weight may vary.

Issue Description
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