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The Champagne Room is an idea first and foremost...


In that spirit, the following pages contain ghosts, broken conversations, the edges and outrages of sex, echoes of madness. There is a lightness -- the sobering, unattainable lightness of your reflection in a mirror. 


Contributors: Christopher Randall, Piper J. Daniels, Starkaður Sigurðarson, Emma Arlington M., Gabriel Ridout, Angela Buck, Glad Kilburn, Ryan Shepard, TR Finley, M.B.F. Wedge 


Editors: Heather Bartel & Edward Stephens


Cover Art: Auður Lóa


Published 2019

The Champagne Room Issue 01

  • Page Count: 66

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: >1lbs, shipping weight may vary.

Issue Description
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