A great desire for The Champagne Room is for our literary project to exist as a space beyond the journal, for the journal to simply be one piece of a constant conversation between readers, writers, creators, friends. One way in which we are making this happen is by featuring dialogues with past and present contributors to The Champagne Room. In a world where submissions get accepted and then generally forgotten over time, we hope these exchanges will create conducive avenues to change the culture of the literary community. May these conversations inspire you to keep communication about literature alive in your own way. 

- The Editors of The Champagne Room


Contributor Conversation: Jesica Davis

Author of “Lake House as Hourglass,” "Seeds," and "Gun Control" in ISSUE 02. Please click here to enjoy her thoughts on cycles, spreadsheets, and reassembling the shards. 

Ian Hill_edited_edited.jpg

Contributor Conversation: Ian Hill

Author of “Dogwood," "We Have to Talk," and "Slow Interior" from ISSUE 02. Click here to read his thoughts on literary echoes, blurring boundaries, and loosening the grip on things you no longer hold. 


Contributor Conversation: Ron L Estrada

Author of “House, Undone” from ISSUE 02, and his thoughts on breath patterns in sentences, body-listening, and rejections as carpet crumbs. Click here to read about his ideas and musings.