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Carolina Fullerton


The Cover Artist for ISSUE 03 and her thoughts about art that moves her, manipulating mediums, and letting the paint create its own piece.

What is your process as an artist like? How do you create? 


My process is slightly different depending on the style of art I am creating. If the piece is fully abstract, I tend to pull motivation from my emotions, from certain colors, etc. Other times, I have images of animals, objects or landscapes that come to mind; which I depict in a surrealist style.  

Is there a piece of artwork in the world that deeply shifts something inside you, if so, please share it with us?  

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch. I remember first learning about this artist in my college art class. When I saw this painting, I was awestruck by its beauty but also slightly disturbed by the images it depicted. I love art that moves me, and this piece certainly did that for me.  


When you are working on an art piece, what inspirations do you draw from?


My emotions... whether they are good or bad ones, I let them speak for themself in my work. I find that when I allow myself to be the most vulnerable version of myself, my best work comes through. I have a range of styles and themes I create from mostly focusing on abstract work. 


What artistic techniques are you most drawn to and why? 


I like to manipulate paint with different mediums. I often use diluted alcohol to allow the paint to separate. I often use a hair dryer to blow paint on the canvas, allowing it to flow as it wants.

Who are some of your creative obsessions, and why? 


Iris Scott’s work! She’s a phenomenal artist whose work I always am inspired by.


What are you reading these days? Do you love/hate/feel neutral about it, and why? 

Lots of baby books! A current favorite is The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse by Charlie Mackesy. It was gifted to us by a friend’s mother for our son, Ezra. I love that it speaks to friendship, love, and being able to be vulnerable with our emotions; values I want to engrain early on to my son.


Tell us about what your writing/creative space looks like.


I enjoy painting on my living room floor on a rainy cold day; something about the moodiness of a gloomy day really allows my emotions to flow freely on the canvas.


What are some ways in which you remain productive/find time to be an artist?  


Finding time is something I’m learning to juggle as a new mom. I thankfully have other creative outlets such as my job and other hobbies, which still allow me to express myself. As a routesetter and a passionate outdoor rock climber, I am able to express myself through creating movement on the wall.  


What are some ways in which you get through a block with your creative work? 


Creating art is a way I tend to mediate and realign my mental health. Blocks usually come from a time when I have not checked in with myself enough. During those moments, I simply take out a paintbrush and let the paint create its own piece; I create abstract pieces which feel as if the paint is guiding me through the canvas. I give myself no limitations or guidelines as to what comes out... those tend to be my favorite work. 


Regarding the cover art you created for Issue 03, what does it mean for/to you (or how did the creation of it come about, what did you think about when creating it/ what was you process for this piece like)? 

Heather and Emma had a reference photo which showed a phone booth with a bouquet of artificial flowers replacing the location of the phone. When I saw this photo, I thought of the creation of life; Mother Nature reclaiming its space. As I usually create art without reference, it was a fun challenge to take on the task. 

Is there a place folks can go to purchase more of your work? 


My Instagram page, @caroleeena_f, is a blend of personal life and my artist page. 

What is something you would like to share with other creative bodies out there?

Pursue your passions! Life is short so ensure you continue expressing yourself at every moment possible.. 

Carolina is a Colombian immigrant who moved to the states when she was nine years old. Art runs through her family bloodline, with every woman in her maternal side being artistic. Growing up with art, Carolina has always had a passion for expressing herself through a canvas. Since 2018, she has combined a hobby of rock climbing and creating movement, into a professional career of routesetting. 

Instagram: @caroleeena_f

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