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On Thursday, June 16th 2022, we hosted a virtual reading of The Champagne Room's Issue 02. This reading featured many of the Issue 02 contributors reading their work, and a brief Q&A session in which contributors were able to address questions about their work from the audience and each other. The purpose of The Champagne Room, beyond creating a physical space for collecting and sharing writing that we believe in, is to generate, collaborate, commune---this event gave us the chance to do just that.

Featured: Kaia Preus, J.S. Boutell, Kelly R. Samuels, G.D. Brown, Janet Ehrlich Colson, Aaron W. Kiser, Chase White, Lisa Molina, Sam Ferguson, Ron L Estrada, Jesica Davis.

Please enjoy the video below of the reading and consider supporting our community by purchasing a copy of
Issue 02.

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Additional Notes:

We regret that we are unable at this time to provide a transcript of this reading. If you have questions, please use our Contact form to reach out to us. 

Please consider purchasing a copy of Issue 02 (available here) to read the work of all contributors featured in the journal.


Thank you for supporting our contributors and this women-operated business!

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