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This is a bundle of all three issues of The Champagne Room. Please see the individual products for further descriptions. 


Issue 03 Contributors: Brittany Ackerman, Cynthia Atkins, Rachel R. Baum, Lysbeth Em Benkert, Corbett Buchly, Ashley Howell Bunn, Mia Day, Eric DePriester, Aleina Grace Edwards, Brian S. Ellis, Dana Kinsey, Hillary Leftwich, Cameron Lovejoy, Jill Mceldowney, Anna Oberg, Kristine Otero, Yoda Olinyk, Lauren Paredes, Laurel S Peterson, Douglas Piccinnini, Kenneth Pobo, Adrie Rose, Margaret Saigh, George W. Shuster, Jr., Marianne Sundquist.


Issue 02 Contributors: Kaia Preus, J.S. Boutell, Kelly R. Samuels, G.D. Brown, Scott Thomas Meistrich, Janet Ehrlich Colson, Christopher Randall, Aaron W. Kiser, Chase White, Aimee Nicole, Lisa Molina, Alayna Nieters, BEE LB, Sam Ferguson, Violet Mitchell, Ron L Estrada, Ian Hill, and Jesica Davis.


Issue 01 Contributors: Christopher Randall, Piper J. Daniels, Starkaður Sigurðarson, Emma Arlington M., Gabriel Ridout, Angela Buck, Glad Kilburn, Ryan Shepard, TR Finley, M.B.F. Wedge. 


If you have any questions about this bundle, please use our Contact form to send us a message. 

The Champagne Room Bundle - 3 Issues

  • Issue 03:

    Page Count: 95

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: 1lbs, shipping weight may vary.


    Issue 02:

    Page Count: 78

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: >1lbs, shipping weight may vary.


    Issue 01: 

    Page Count: 66

    Size: L - 8.5" X W - 5.5" X D - 1/4"

    Weight: >1lbs, shipping weight may vary.

Issue Description
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