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October 2023 Newsletter

We're back!

Y'all--what a long, HOT, vulnerable, bustling, transformative summer it was. And what a glorious fall we've slipped into, where I am, the days growing shorter but remaining so full.

I refer often to myself as possessing "hummingbird energy," by which I mean I flit around all day long--up early and in perpetual motion until it is finally time to rest. Someone recently asked me if I thought hummingbirds existed in another dimension--what does that mean?? I don't know yet! I do know it is said that hummingbirds symbolize, to some, that hard times are over and healing can begin. Perhaps this is another reason I identify with hummingbirds--after a part of my life, which I am starting to reflect on as an interlude, is now over, I have returned to myself again.

All summer long I fretted over what a return to The Champagne Room would mean. It was so easy to take a break from the work, to press pause on momentum, to have fewer items on my to-do list. I'll admit--when I thought of returning to this project that has always been filled with excitement and care, I felt a gnawing sense of dread.

But summer has ended and we have, at last returned. We've returned again with excitement and care, ready to share our vision for the journal and the community it exists within. I say community because that is an element of this project we want to focus on in the coming months. We are ready to expand our team behind the scenes, and will prioritize making that happen before we launch into a submissions period for Issue 04. As beautiful as it has been to be a two-person operation, that approach is no longer sustainable. Beyond sustainability, we also want more minds to collaborate with, people we can be inspired by and learn from. So, we are here, now, reaching out to all of you.

What we are looking for first are readers. We are seeking folks willing to volunteer their time to reading and reviewing submissions. Because we are delaying the submission window for Issue 04 while we gather and grow, we do not need anyone to start reading right away, but we do want to get to know anyone who is interested, see what we can learn from each other, if our visions align. If you are, or you know, someone who might be interested in becoming a reader for Issue 04 of The Champagne Room, please reach out to us at

We will also be looking for a designer for the production of Issue 04. We are seeking someone willing to volunteer their time to help with the layout and design of Issue 04. Knowledge of Adobe InDesign is a must. Again, if you are, or you know, someone who might be interested in becoming the designer for Issue 04 of The Champagne Room, please reach out to us at

Creating this journal as a team of two has been a special, challenging, humbling operation. We are so excited now to connect with y'all in yet another way as we work toward expansion behind the scenes.


Our contributor conversation for October is with Lysbeth Em Benkert, author of "Reminder" in ISSUE 03. Visit our website to learn more about her thoughts on the power of prompts, second chances, working with a writing partner, and more.

Love and Light,



Founder and Editor, The Champagne Room


The Champagne Room - October 2023 Newsletter
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