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Issue 01, the inaugural issue, was published in the summer of 2019 as the post-graduate print-only passion project of Heather Bartel and Edward Stephens. This first issue of The Champagne Room was created to collect and promote literary work that was deep, weird, ambitious, thoughtful, and thorough--the kind of work the editors wanted to read.

The pages of this first issue contain ghosts, broken conversations, the edges and outrages of sex, and echoes of madness. The journal itself is meant to exist as a version of a room, as represented by its cover art--in this case a bathroom stall, a space both private and shared.

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The Champagne Room Issue 02

Forthcoming May 2022

The Champagne Room is evolving to exist as a space that holds wildness: work that is deep, weird, thoughtful, thorough, ambitious, and honest; work that dazzles, work that wounds, work that both challenges and devastates, work that explores the pushing of boundaries between genres.

We are seeking to expand the definition of a room through the work we publish and the space in which we place it.


Image by Tess Montgomery 

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