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E.A. Midnight

Editor & Web Designer


multi-modal artist & author

35mm film photographer



bird watcher

obsessed dog mom


a little background

E.A. Midnight is a neurodivergent artist specializing in multi-modal, cross-genre hybridities. She prefers to allow each piece to perform on the page the way it needs to, rather than adhere to traditionality within her work. She is a vocal advocate for challenging the boxes creative bodies are put in.


She received the 2017 PEN North American/Goddard Scholarship Award, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing, with a focus on Hybrid Writing, Memoir, and Poetry, from Goddard College. Her manuscript, landscape of the interior, was longlisted for the Dzanc Books 2021 Nonfiction Prize. Her chapbook mundane objects will be published by Dancing Girl Press in early 2024. A full list of her published works can be found on her website, She is thrilled to be collaborating again with her dear friend, Heather, on this luminous literary project. 


Outside of writing, E.A. Midnight loves designing and developing websites, teaching creative writing courses, trail running, rock climbing, painting abstract portraits, deadlifting, getting tattooed, looking at and for birds, and being low-key into baking [mostly pies]. The Colorado wilds are her chosen home, where she resides with her cherished family and beloved dogs. 

Old Books

The river is right outside and is dead and alive.

~ Karen Green, Bough Down

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